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Perfect your lash skills with ease before working on real clients with our user-friendly mannequin. It's the ultimate tool for practicing lash sets, designed to give you a real-life feel of what it's like to do lashes on human eyes.

Easy Practice Sessions: This mannequin makes practicing lash sets a breeze! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lash artist honing your skills, our mannequin is perfect for you.

Realistic Features: With removable eyelids and lifelike features, our mannequin provides a true-to-life experience. You'll get a feel for working on real human eyes, helping you build confidence and precision.

Complete Kit: The LashPro Mannequin Kit comes with everything you need to practice like a pro. It includes four flower cup rings and a lash palette, giving you the tools to perfect your technique and create stunning lash sets.

Why Choose LashPro Mannequin?

  • Perfect for beginners: Get comfortable with lash application techniques before working on clients.
  • Realistic experience: Practice on a mannequin that closely simulates human eyes.
  • Comprehensive kit: Comes with all the essentials for practicing lash sets.
  • Build confidence: Gain confidence and proficiency in lash application at your own pace.

You can practice and perfect your lash skills anytime, anywhere. Take your lash game to the next level and become a true lash pro with our easy-to-use mannequin!