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Heart Glue Rings (100 PCS/PACK)
Heart Glue Rings (100 PCS/PACK)

Heart Glue Rings (100 PCS/PACK)


Introducing our Pink Heart Glue Rings – Your Stylish Lash Application Essential!

Key Features:

Charming Design: These pink heart-shaped glue rings add a delightful and elegant touch to your lash toolkit, making the lash application process visually appealing.

Adjustable & Comfortable: Crafted for comfort, each ring is adjustable to fit your finger perfectly, ensuring stability during use.

Effortless Access: The glue ring design offers easy access to adhesive, streamlining your lash extension process. No spills or wastage – just efficient dipping.

Hygienic & Disposable: Keep your lash application environment fresh and sterile with these disposable rings. After use, discard them to eliminate the need for cleaning and reduce the risk of contamination.

Elevate your lash extension game with our Pink Heart Eyelash Extension Glue Rings. Experience the convenience, style, and hygiene they bring to your lash routine. Achieve flawless and precise lash enhancements with confidence – order your pack of Pink Heart Glue Rings today and enjoy both beauty and functionality.